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Hi Luv!


Take a splash with me into my FAV SUMMER items! Whether it's beach/lake day or a relaxing day at home by the pool, these are my go-tos for spending time with family and friends!

This summer I'm not missing a single day to get out in the sun!

The material is sturdy but it's not heavy. The size is large enough to hold your beach towel, two water bottles, snorkel mask, book, and some snacks! This bag is sand proof and water resistant! WHOOT WHOOT! The straps feel soft and are comfortable around the shoulder to carry and great even as carry-on on the plane! Lounge Chair

THE BEST INVESTMENT! The quality of this chair was better than I had even hoped for! Easy to throw over your shoulder or back using the backpack straps which is such a bonus! The fact that you can lay on your stomach and read a book, check INSTA or simply lay flat is priceless. A little pricey but overall in this case it's an investment you won't regret!

Portable fan

The JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan is a life saver for anyone seeking relief from the sweltering heat, whether indoors or outdoors! With its innovative design, versatile functionality, and exceptional performance, this mini fan has quickly become my go-to solution for staying cool and comfortable in any situation!


This cooler bag is amazing! It's huge and holds everything you will ever need on your next road trip, trip to the beach or pool... It holds a ton of stuff and has a lot of pockets! It keeps food cold and I really love that it folds away for easy storage. Its also easy to clean and will last you for a long time! Enjoy your best family moments with this cooler bag by your side!


I am such a FAN of fanny packs especially when traveling. These are a must if you are traveling, going to an amusement park, a trip to the beach with friends or even a spontaneous playdate to the park. It is a very sleek design and can fit under any outfits you have without showing through.

Mosquito repellant banks

I threw this in because I literally hate being attacked by mosquitos and have searched for the best thing to use with my girls without spraying us down with all kinds of toxic sprays. Nothing is more frustrating when your camping or at the lake and you are uncomfortable. The smell isn't too strong, and I'm impressed at how long each ring lasts. Granted, I've only worn them in dry conditions so far. Smell is pleasant and the resealable packets fit beautifully in my travel/car bag. I like these so much I have purchased them time and time again for our annual camping trip every summer. Great for adults and kiddos!

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