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Updated: Mar 7

Hey there! Welcome to my monthly Blog where I will highlight my TOP FAV's for the month! 

For the month of March, Spring is near and these items are my current go-tos, my amazon favs!

Whether it's comfort, style or affordability, these will help you get your groove on at home or in the gym! 

The RUNNING GIRL Sports Bras for Women is the newest item on  I call this the "great work out bra"! Its super cute straps and cut out in back gives you support all around. Don't worry, the nip pads are removable too. Super cute and comfy, with great competitive sales and pricing too!

Checks all the boxes for the top spot on PONCI FAB FAVS! 

The Aniywn Yoga Pants for Women are topping the charts today! As flare jeans have been the top hits for young adults today, these yoga pants are the perfect fit for your everyday life! Whether I'm off to the gym or enjoying a day off with the family, this is my go to lounge wear! Love this fabric because it is buttery soft! Per the net- "Wide-Leg Jeans are fitted in the waist, flare out gently from the hips, and keep that same elegant angle all the way down. They're easily the most foolproof option for 2024!"

The Travel Duffel Bag - Large Shoulder Weekender Overnight Bag is an all around must! It is a great size for traveling or can even be used as a multipurpose bag for the gym, beach day or baby bag. I love this bag period. It is really good quality for that low of a price. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such good quality. It's roomy and perfect for your everyday needs! Easily rounding the Top 3 items on PONCI FAB FAVS this month! 

The Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Roll-On Gel Stick is my go to for all my gym/yoga workout friends!  Not only because I personally have a harder time catching a great sweat, but because it helps add just the right bit of intensity when working out while helping to get rid of those unwanted toxins. The fragrance is nice but not overwhelming and the stick feature makes it easy to roll on quickly without getting your hands greasy.

Note- As the temperatures start to warm, do not leave it in a hot area like a car or even a car garage or the stick will liquify and you are stuck with a mess. Get ready to take your workout sessions to the next level! This powerful workout enhancer is designed to make you sweat faster and harder, delivering incredible results!

The 321 STRONG Foam Roller is going to be one of your best purchases of 2024! The roller is durable yet comfortable based on its intended use. It helped to give me immediate relief, especially for tight hamstrings and calves after an intense workout. It's super firm but easy to control. Although the spikes look a bit intimidating, the surface feels surprisingly even when rolling on it flat back, and allows me to target specific spots simply by adjusting my position. By turning my torso to the side while rolling my back, I can even work the knots under my shoulder blades which is where I hold a lot of my tension sitting in a desk all day! Well worth it mommas! 

That concludes my TOP 5 of PONCI FAB FAVS this month! Ending each month with a quote-

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important." This is your month to shine! Go get it! 
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